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      Why is it worth your choice
      System Development

      Melon Inc. adheres to the philosophy in employing person as “for a person virtue is the fundamental thing, for talents wisdom is paramount”, attaches importance to the potentials and qualities of the employees, and the team work and development.

      “gentlemen get along with each other harmoniously and show difference to others” this is our philosophy in employing person .Only like-minded, can form a strong cohesion. we stress on “harmony and difference” ,so that making the employees retain unrestricted individualities and sufficient creativities and ingenuities.

      A corporation is a vessel carrying the talents to set sail, talents sustain the survival of a corporation, only when we are in the same boat can we reach the other shore; Value the role of the employees, show respect to talent value; Provide platforms for the talents to give free play to their advantages, to achieve individual growth and corporate collective value.

      Technical Talent

      Join melon ,hope we can jointly boob on the latest textile chemicals frontier, bring the best product and application experience to the market and customers. Gather wisdom innovation, create industry leading.

      Enjoy the freshness and accomplishment of each challenge, and also enjoy the growth and experience in the process.

      We are not simply pursuing talent and skills, we need to work together and trust each otherˊs teammates.

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