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      Melon chemical is a innovative industrial enterprise from zhejiang huzhou, is located in Caijiaqiao village, lianshi town of huzhou, was established in 2006.Company focuses on ternary copolymerized block silicone oil, emulsified silicone oil , wax emulsion and th preparation of functional chemicals,and committed to independent research and development, production and sales of own brand products,and provide professional technical services to customers.Deep understanding in chemicals allows us can provide a complete products and application solutions in areas such as ternary copolymerized block bilicone oil, napping oil,wax emulsion etc.Product quality domestic leading,catch up with imports.

      Melon's core competition lies in the technical profession's specialization.Technically,it relies on universities and research institutes in Shanghai and Hangzhou,and extensively cooperates with them.Adhering to the conceot of innovation-driven,green,clean production,set up aprofessional printing and dyeing auxiliaries development,quality management,application technology promotion of the technical team.The company has modern production equipment,test equipment,and analytical instruments,so that the stability of product quality is fully guaranteed.

      Attention to the product detail ,excellence,steadfast and trustworthy is our business philosophy,Melon chemicals is committed to becoming a top specialist in textile chemicals.


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