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      Block silicone oil series
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      Loose-soft Type Block Silicone Oil 230
      Block silicone oil series
      Three-component block copolymer with combination of siloxane,polyamine and polyether
      Main Components
      Light yellow transparent liquid
      Properties and Features

      Suitable for fluffy softening finishing of all kinds of fabrics ,especially suitable for polyester  fabric etc., and brushed fabric.

      Endues treated synthetics  with some character of hydrophilicity and anti-static property

      Have self-emulsification ,and solve the  problem of stick bowl,stick jar and drift oil etc.

      Can’t lead to yellowing of fabrics due to the high temperature setting.So can used in finishing of the bleached  fabrics. 

      Resistant to high temperature and shearing,can used in dye jar and spilled-dyevat.

      Can softener- starching  in a high temperature of 90-98℃.

      Suitable for finishing with water and oil repellent,wrinkle resistant resin in one-bath.Can improve the handle of treated fabric ,while does not affect on the properties of  water and oil repellency

      AppearanceLight yellow transparent liquid
      Ionic TypeCation
      pH   Value7-8
      Active Content70%,no include emulsifier and water

      Application Field

      Application field

       It's suitable for finishing of all kinds of fabrics,especially suitable for fluffy and 

       soft finishing of polyester ,nylon,acrylic fibers etc. It  impart fabric of feather  

        yarn,coral velvet,short plush,polar fleece polyester carpet   with excellent fluffy 

        and smoothing handfeel.

      Emulsifying and dilution Method

       Add the ternary copolymerized  block   silicone oil into a reaction 

       kettle,then add water into the kettle slowly while stirring ,untile stir to mixed  

       even. Adjust its pH value to 6-7 by  acetic acid, then dilute to the required  

        concentrations.Don`t stir vigorously,adding slight emulsifier   will be helpful to 

        the   emulsified-dilution


      Package & Storage:

       Plastic drum net 110kgs or 180kgs, can be stored for 12 months under room  

       temperature and hermetic condition.


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