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      Block silicone oil series
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      Cotton Block Silicone 430
      Block silicone oil series
      Three-component block copolymer with combination of siloxane,polyamine and polyether
      Main Components
      Endues cotton and its blended fabric with soft and silky handle ;
      Properties and Features

      Endues cotton and its blended fabric  with soft and silky handle ;

      Have fluffy and smooth handle,but not greasy at all;

      Have excellent stability , resistant to high temperature and shearing;

      Suitable for finishing with water and oil repellent,wrinkle resistant resin in one-bath.Can improve the handle of treated fabric ,while does not affect on the properties of  water and oil repellency

      AppearanceLight yellow transparent liquid
      Ionic TypeCation
      pH   Value7-8
      Active Content70%,no include emulsifier and water

      Application Field

      Application field

        It's suitable for finishing of all kinds of fabrics,especially suitable for  

       cotton,polyester/cotton blends ,imitation silk,include knit cotton,woven 

       cotton,printing cotton,yarn dyed fabric,cotton towels,cheese . It  impart 

       fabrics   with excellent soft,slippy and fluffy  comprehensive handfeel,and can’t lead to yellowing of fabrics .


      Emulsifying and dilution Method

       Add the cotton ternary copolymerized  block   silicone oil into a 

       reaction kettle,then add water into the kettle slowly while stirring ,untile stir to mixed even. 

      Adjust its pH value to 6-7 by  acetic acid, then dilute to the required concentrations.Don`t stir vigorously,adding slight emulsifier  

       will be helpful to the   emulsified-dilution.

      Package & Storage:

       Plastic drum net 110kgs or 180kgs, can be stored for 12 months under room  

       temperature and hermetic condition.


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