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      Block silicone oil series
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      Prick silicone oil 1020
      Block silicone oil series
      It’s a new kind of prick silicone oil with special struture,used for preparation of prick finishing agent. Endues treated fabircs with soft and fluffy handle ,and also very easy to prick,and impart fabric with chunky,fluffy,stiff and smooth.
      Main Components
      block copolymer silicone oil
      Properties and Features

      Have the effcet of rotting to fabric fibre ,and endues with easy to prick.

      Endues flabic with  fluffy, silky smooth due to it’s special structure.

      Can be obviously increased the chunky,fluffy,and smooth handle of prick fabric.

      AppearanceLight yellow transparent liquid
      Ionic TypeCation
      pH   Value7-8
      Active Content70%,no include emulsifier and water

      Application Field

      Application field

        It's suitable for prick finishing of polyester ,nylon,acrylic fibers ,wool and its blended wool etc.

      Emulsifying and dilution Method

       Add the prick silicone oil into a reaction kettle,then add water into the kettle slowly 

       while stirring ,untile stir to mixed even. Adjust its pH value to 6-7 by  acetic 

        acid, then dilute to the required concentrations.Don`t stir vigorously,adding 

        slight emulsifier   will be helpful to the   emulsified-dilution.

      Package & Storage:

       Plastic drum net 110kgs or 180kgs, can be stored for 12 months under room  

       temperature and hermetic condition.


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